An award-winning initiative by Vaidyar Selvaraj Mooppanar.

Welcome to Sree Bhadra

Discover the power.

The Power of Herbal and Indigenous Alternate Remedies that are on the Blink of Extinction.

Amazing Remedies for those who are in need. Herbal, Traditional and Ayurvedic with no side-effects.

Our products solely comprise of traditional Herbal Ayurvedic preparations.

Selvaraj Mooppanar Vaidyan is a highly skilled practitioner in the field of Nadi Chikitsa, with extensive knowledge of traditional medicinal practices which he has acquired since childhood. He offers treatment to individuals from diverse backgrounds at Sree Bhadra, utilizing traditional diagnostic methods as described in Ayurveda. His areas of expertise in treatment encompass a wide range of ailments, including muscular pains, back pains, difficulty in walking, body pain, paralysis, joint-pain, and swelling on joints, among others.
Please note that appointments may require for treatment.

What We Offer

Take a look at some the products and services we offer.

Eluvi Booster

Best energy booster for general health and potency.

Eluvi Oil

For joint-pain, fractures and related disorders.

Herbal Coffee

Ideal for fever and cough.

Poker Urukku

For Rheumatism and nerve-related disorders.

Thirumeni Oil

For treating Migraine and Headache.


Massages and muscle-pain related treatments.