Eluvi Energy Booster

100% Herbal Energy Booster.

Power up. Get your daily dose of energy.

Genuine Herbal Energy Booster fortified with musk.

An excellent energy booster to address health issues such as general weakness, fatigue, respiratory problems, exhaustion, nervous weakness, muscle strain, anemia, and male sexual impotency.


  • Kasthoori
  • Gorojana
  • Punuku
  • Kalmadam
  • Kakkarattan
  • Vanni
  • Valkurangu
  • and 61 other ingredients

Direction of use:

Eluvi Energy Booster is food medicine. Diet does not apply. 

1 teaspoon mix with Milk or Hot water.

We specialize in the production of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines. M/s. Sree Bhadra Traditional Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Preparations is owned by Selvaraj Mooppanar, who established commercial production to promote his traditional formulations. Our core products include:
Eluvi Oil
Pokar Urukku
Thirumeni Oil
Eluvi Energy Booster
Herbal Coffee

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Selvaraj Mooppanar, Tribal traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyan


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