Eluvi Herbal Medicinal Oil

Our best-selling joint pain reliever.

Live well. Leave the pain behind.

Any Damage to the joint from Disease or dislocation can interfere with your daily life as it can cause a lot of pain.

Various medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and injuries/fractures can result in joint discomfort. For the alleviation of such pain, the application of Eluvi Herbal Medicinal Oil is recommended. Additionally, Eluvi Oil possesses potential benefits in mitigating the occurrence of multiple sclerosis, cerebral vascular incidents, varicose veins, strokes, transient ischemic attacks, epilepsy, and aphasia. Furthermore, Eluvi Oil can be effective in easing pain following orthopedic surgery.


  • Neer Mulisamulam
  • Kattu Vellari Samulam
  • Kakkaratan Samulam
  • Avara Samulam
  • Nelaveppu Samulam
  • Vellara Samulam and
  • 52 other ingredients. 

Direction of use:

Eluvi Herbal Medicinal Oil is intended for external use only. It is recommended to use the product daily, but only when you are ready to rest, preferably in the evenings.

For targeted pain relief, such as joint pain, it is recommended to soak a cotton pad in the oil and place it directly on the affected joint. Wrap the joint with a clean cloth and leave it on overnight to allow the oil to fully soak in. The cotton pad should be removed in the morning.

For general body pain, apply the oil directly to the affected area without massaging it in. It is recommended to rest for at least two hours after application and then take a warm or lukewarm bath. Positive results may be observed within a week of regular use.

We specialize in the production of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines. M/s. Sree Bhadra Traditional Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Preparations is owned by Selvaraj Mooppanar, who established commercial production to promote his traditional formulations. Our core products include:
• Eluvi Oil
• Pokar Urukku
• Thirumeni Oil
• Eluvi Energy Booster
• Herbal Coffee

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