Sree Bhadra Thirumal Uzhichil

Thirumal and Uzhichil


Uzhichil or Thirumal is popularly known as foot massage or at times rope massage, based on the procedure used in this treatment. This procedure has gathered tremendous interest in the recent years owing to the extensive promotions of Thirumal and Uzhichil as an exquisite form of treatment.

History of Thirumal Uzhichil


Chavitti Uzhichil is a unique form of massage that originated from Kalaripayattu, the esteemed traditional martial arts form of Kerala. Kalaripayattu was a school of training for warriors, teaching them defense and offense techniques. This training aims at coordinating the warriors’ body and mind to build intense mental focus and physical strength. Physical treatments and Marma Chikista are crucial aspects of Kalaripayattu’s strict practice regimens and recovery protocols. Chavitti Uzhichil is one such procedure. It requires extensive expertise and experience since the process involves massaging the marma points of the body.

How do therapists perform Thirumal  Uzhichil? 

Chavitti Uzhichil is classified as a Marma Chikitsa, where the word marma refers to vital and sensitive parts of the body. Kalari records more than 300 marma points with some points being so sensitive that any injury to these spots can be fatal. Hence, when therapists  perform Chavitti Uzhichil without enough experience, it can be quite dangerous.

The procedure involves manipulating the marma points deftly using controlled pressure, varying from gentle to intense. This improves blood flow across the body and rejuvenates its every tissue. It involves warming herbal, medicated oils gradually and applying them all across the body. But this massage has a critical difference. It involves applying foot pressure. Yes, the therapists massage the patients’ body with their feet instead of hands. This massage requires intense focus and expertise since every marma point of the body has specific and firm pressure requirements – some quite intense. So using the feet serves the purpose, with some small strokes and many long strokes. Of course, some strokes require the use of hands.

Ropes are hung from the treatment room’s ceiling so the therapist can balance on the rope while massaging the patient lying on the floor at a specific position that enables optimal energy flow.

Benefits of Thirumal Uzhichil


Chavitti Uzhichil is extremely relaxing, nourishing every tissue of the body, from bones to muscles. Enhancing circulation stimulates the body’s immunity and the body’s lymphatic system, rejuvenating the body and removing all the body toxins. This procedure relaxes the mind too, removing all stress and fatigue.

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